Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Faves!

3 cheers for my first weekly feature! I was originally going to do ten Friday Fave items, but for now I'm only going to do 5, because it's late and takes a lot longer than I thought :P No worries, I'll increase soon...

1. Super duper nice bathtubs... 'nuff said.

Luxury bathroom interior
ideas for bathtubs

2. Autumn boots :) I LOVE these ones...

3. Coloured tights - especially wine and mustard.


5. Old-fashioned children's games like Dutch Blitz, Memory, that one where you create the beard on the man using a magnet and dragging sand-like stuff across the board (know what I'm talking about?).

That's it for my Friday Faves, hope you enjoyed! Have a lovely summer to fall transition...

xo, Jade

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